April 15, 2008

What is not upgraded from WSS 2.0 to WSS 3.0

the following items cannot be upgraded:
  • Non-English language deployments of Windows SharePoint Services V3. You can only upgrade from English language deployments.
  • Single-server deployments that use SQL Server 2000 Microsoft Data Engine Windows Edition (WMSDE) for data storage. You must be using SQL Server 2000, SP3 or later, to upgrade.
  • Search configuration settings. You must reconfigure any search settings after upgrade is complete.
  • Installations of Windows SharePoint Services V2 SP2 that have other applications, such as SharePoint Portal Server 2003, installed on them. Consult the manufacturer of the additional application for appropriate upgrade instructions.
  • Sites created from custom site definitions. These sites will be skipped during the upgrade process.
  • Search is not supported on Web applications that were upgraded from Windows SharePoint Services V2 SP2.
Please Note: Upgrade will require two to three times the size of your largest Windows SharePoint Services V2 SP2 database in free hard-drive space (for example, if you have a single 100 GB database, you should have 300 GB in free hard-disk space on the SQL Server in your target farm).

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